About Us

Born out of necessity, Unique Baby Gifts is the Canadian counterpart to our first store, Simply Unique Baby Gifts, which opened in 2008. In our family and community, we noticed that lots of people were having babies, but we were struggling to find unique and meaningful gifts to get all our favorite people and their new families. So, we decided to create the store we couldn’t find for ourselves!

One of our goals was to create a space for people to find baby gifts that were cute and unique, with a focus on personalization. So we created a baby boutique experience that prioritized fair prices, free shipping, and great customer service. As our US store gained popularity, we had lots of inquiries asking whether we could ship our unique gifts to Canada, and that’s when we created this sister site, Unique Baby Gifts.

Whether you need a gift for a beloved family member, cherished coworker, employee, neighbor, or friend, Unique Baby Gifts wants to help you find the perfect gift to send in celebration.

Thank you so much for your support!
The UBG Staff