About Us

A baby gift store founded out of necessity?
Our first store, Simply Unique Baby Gifts, was opened in the U.S. in 2008 after having a little baby boomlet of sorts. Our circle of friends and family went through some, let's call them, fertile times, and we received one baby announcement after another. Shopping for unique and thoughtful baby gifts proved to be a real challenge. Sure, some cute things could be found here and there, but the selections were "meh" and certainly not very memorable. 

We saw the need, and our baby gift boutique was "born"!   
Proving necessity is the mother of invention, we had a "why not?" moment.  If we were having trouble finding baby gifts, we knew others were as well. We opened with a few important goals: Offer unique and memorable baby gifts with an emphasis on personalization; offer fair prices with free shipping included to avoid unpleasant price shock at the time of check out; and provide top notch service and quality.
We had so many requests for shipping to the Great White North, we opened our sister site, Unique Baby Gifts, in 2020 to serve the amazing people of Canada.

Thank You For Shopping With Us!
♥ The UBG Staff